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SoameCG - Pricing, Custom Options & Ordering


We put the greatest attention and dedication to every detail. All our models have 

excellent electronics from Aguilar, Trickfish, Bartolini, Nordstrand, Lindy Fralin or EMG pickups and preamps, the undisputed hardware of Hipshot and accessories from DRStrings, DaddarioDunlop USA, our specially selected woods 

so that every Soame has the guarantee of maximum excellence. 

We would like to help and advise you in the construction of your unique bass, look for the best option in 

combinations of woods and electronics so that your Soame has a special audio, we also want your 

Soame has the comfort you never find in other standard instruments.

Custom Options

Contact us to prepare a special quote for you!

Options Colors

These and others colors are available in Satin, TO Finish ( Open Pore ) or Gloss Finish at no extra charge for any model.
Options Colors.jpg


- You can contact us by email to place an order or buy directly 

- All our models include a personalized Premium SoftCase

- See our updated price list (subject to change without notice)

- A $800 non-refundable deposit is required to place your order

- We accept PayPal, bank transfer or other means of payment

- The construction time is about 7 - 9 months.

- All shipping and customs payments are the responsibility of the buyer

Please ask about the model you are interested in and we will calculate the price for you.
*All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice
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